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Then the ugly part: those col0data[], col1data[] etc. These were generated by a program written in Processing www.

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I'll attach that code here When run, assuming it works, this code prints the colNdata[] arrays to the console, which can then be copied-and-pasted to the Arduino code. The main colData[] array then needs to be modified to refer to these new 16 arrays rather than doubling up the old 8 arrays. And, in theory then, it should fully utilize the 16x16 resolution.

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In theory. First of all, thanks for your extensive reply :- I made recommended adjustments, but obviously I got stuck with you Processing code. Do you have any clues or different version of your "secret" Processing code? Apparently I went in and hand-edited the first entry in each of the colNdata[] arrays after the fact, to reflect the number of entries in the table. Replace the initial 0 in each array with the number of values on the subsequent line i. The code seems to be generating slightly different tables than whatever fudge factors were in place when I ran it for the Piccolo project, but they should be close enough to be workable, especially once it's expanded to 16 ranges.

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Maybe I had a version that did this once, but it's long gone. I need much more bands about 50 which in case of logarithmic size of bands is impossible to calculate real time using Arduino.

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