At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story

How Schools Are Helping Students Fight Anxiety
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Seventy percent of teens say anxiety and depression are a major problem among peers, according to a Pew Research Center study.

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But Tom Carey, who has been counseling boys at St. Edward High School for 16 years, says awareness of mental health is also on the rise.

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But no matter the casues of the stress and anxiety, schools are responding with initiatives like integrating wellness activities into the day, offering advisory groups, carving blocks of time for students to reset and providing parent education. We see how hard you work.

First, students were piling extra activities onto the schedules because they have such varied interests. Homework loads, on top of all the extras, added up to late nights and additional stress and anxiety for many students, so the school is trying something new.

This year, Gilmour introduced a minute community block to its daily class schedule, which consists of three minute modules that students have the flexibility to use for attending clubs, meeting with teachers, doing homework or simply socializing with friends. So far, the community block time is resonating with students.

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The gym is open during this time, so students can run around and play for a while. They can attend a yoga class. In the lower school, for students in kindergarten through sixth grades, 15 minutes of wellness is built into every morning. The school addresses social-emotional issues, stress reduction and provides outlets for getting the wiggles out, too.

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Support Group At Lawrence School, students start each day by meeting with a small advisory group made up of a teacher and small cohort of fellow students, and that time is spent setting up for the day: reviewing the schedule, talking through concerns, problem-solving and just listening. The advisers can assess the energy and meet kids where they are. As a youngster, Fowler spent as much time working on spectacular motorbike tricks as he did on the golf course — starting both sports at age three.

He broke three bones in a foot in one accident before deciding golf was the safer option, but says his experiences help him to cope when the pressure is on. You have to fully commit.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Terry B. is the penname for Terry William Benjamin and At Midnight: Choice Fowler's Story - Kindle edition by Terry B. At Midnight book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. I knew any thought of us getting back together was crazy. Yet I had fantasized.