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This one shows his continuing growth as a writer, and since he started at a very high plateau, this one is nothing short of amazing. What's different? A more daring plot, with complications directly impacting Max Liebermann, his psychiatric protagonist. In addition, he delves into Jewish mysticism, touches on Viennese politics, explores medical-religious conflict and of course tempts us with references to In three days I polished off another of Frank Tallis' amazing Vienna fin de siecle novels.

In addition, he delves into Jewish mysticism, touches on Viennese politics, explores medical-religious conflict and of course tempts us with references to Vienna's food offerings. He does it all keeping us in suspense until the surprise denouement. When you read a story so intriguing, so well crafted, it's as if you had a chance to dine with one a famous person, or be present at an historic event. Fortunately, more Tallis awaits.


Sep 11, Annette Maclean rated it it was ok. I didn't think much of this book, I was anticipating a lot more suspense and drama but it just seemed to trickle along to quite an anti-climatic ending. There's not much else to say really, the setting is well described, the author writes well but the story just didn't seem to amount to anything and I'm still quite confused who half the characters were and what their relevance was.

I enjoyed this murder mystery, especially since it was set in 19th Century Vienna, Austria. The central character, Max Lieberman, is complicated enough to make the narrative interesting. Since I studied German literature at the University of Vienna during the late s, this compelling story was, for me, a walk down memory lane. I just might have mentioned how much I enjoy this series. The crimes are reliably grisly Heads ripped off bodies by main force? Well, then!

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What a fascinating place - little did I know. Oct 12, J. A rather unpleasant entry in the series, heavy with anti-Semitism. Also less complex and layered than the earlier books. The method of the beheadings became obvious pretty early, and I guessed, or at least suspected, the identity of the killer chapters before the book ended. I can't stop reading the series. Each book is more gripping than the previous one. It's a must for the lovers of mystery. Jun 03, Adriel Hartnett rated it liked it Shelves: 3-stars , sleuth-whodunit.

Too many difficult names, too many involved, less answered. I found it confusing at times. The plot was good and had enough red herrings. After struggling through the first half it picked up the pace and got much more interesting the second half. Overall 3. Vienna, , is the pervasive ambiance of Frank Tallis' book, Vienna Secrets. The atmosphere is spellbinding in its depiction of the people, architecture, food, mores, culture, and religious discord of the time. It is also a literary thriller in its finest form. He is a multi-faceted man of integrity and many talents.

He is inquisitive, philosophical, a talented physician, a lover of music and a fine pianist.

click He and his close friend, Inspector Oskar Reinhardt, play classical music and discuss psychology together when they are not solving crimes. Vienna in is a city rife with anti-Semitism, something not new to the Viennese. In , Vienna attempted to purge "the terrible crimes of the Hebrew dogs. As the world was once purged by the flood, so this time it was by fire". This legacy of anti-Semitism remains in Vienna and has become exacerbated by the influx of Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia due to the pogroms and the mass murders of Jews there.

Thus, when two heinous murders occur, with both victims having anti-Semitic leanings, Max and Oskar put their heads together to try and solve the crimes.

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. The fifth Max Liebermann mystery (following Fatal Lies, ) finds the psychiatrist once again wrapped up in a police. Darkness Rising book. Read 81 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Vienna, Outside one of the city's baroque churches the decapi.

The murders are by decapitation and there is a lot of mud left around the murder sites. There is an ancient Kaballic myth about a Golem, a creature created out of mud that is said to have been created to avenge Jews. Could the mud be associated with a Golem?

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The novel takes us into the lives of progressive Jews and also groups of Hassidic Jews, groups very different from one another. Progressive Jews believe in science, psychoanalysis, medicine and culture. Hassids live in the past, are fundamentalists, and deny much of modernity. The difference between these two groups is portrayed vividly. The reader is also privy to the secret societies of anti-Semites and the ugliness of anti-Semitism in early 19th century Vienna.

As Max and Oskar struggle to solve the crimes, the politics of the times hinder their work in many ways as some of the Viennese people believe that the murders were committed by Jews and want to take vengeance by keeping Jews from holding any professional positions or positions of influence.

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When a third murder is committed, and this time the victim is a Jew, things become more unclear and leave Max and Oscar totally puzzled and scratching their heads. The book is filled with wonderful descriptions of Viennese foods, especially desserts. The mystery is also a very literary thriller that informs the reader about the cultural aspects of Vienna. We are present at concerts, at the theater, and in psychoanalytic sessions. We are privy to the mores of courtship and rejection.

We are given great insight into family life and parent-child relationships. We get to see some of the machinations of politics, medicine, government and religion. This is a reader's book, much in the way John Dunning's and Stephen Greenleaf's mysteries are. Frank Tallis loves words and uses them beautifully. This is a book to fall in love with. For certain, I'll be reading all the earlier books in this series. Very entertaining book, 4 in the series, that was nominated for an Edgar Award in The mystery involves a few decapitated men, all in one way or another seen as enemies of Vienna Jews--the last one also being Jewish himself.

There are the typical cast of characters, all of whom seem guilty in some way, until the real murderer shows himself towards the end. Max Liebermann gets out of that mess, solves the crime, solves a male patient's pseudo-pregnancy, and walks out of a meeting with his Very entertaining book, 4 in the series, that was nominated for an Edgar Award in Max Liebermann gets out of that mess, solves the crime, solves a male patient's pseudo-pregnancy, and walks out of a meeting with his job--in that order.

Once again, Tallis seems to show that the crime is almost second-fiddle compared to the more normal things his character has to go through. But the real purpose of this book, as with the first three and the following two I don't know why I read them out of order, but it's not proven to be a problem , is to show the growing anti-Semitic dissension in Vienna.

The subject is integral to the plot, to the characters, to everything. The book ends with the sadly ironic statement: "Today, Jews may be insulted and abused, but they will never be consigned to the flames again. Liebermann's journal in Vienna, Hitler, who was born in Vienna on April 20, , was Since he moved to Germany in , he was a part of Liebermann's Vienna, but Tallis apparently decided--wisely--not to go there. But the irony of that sentence is impossible to miss. A country's leader is a reflection of that society, not the other way around.

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A woman-hater, for example, cannot succeed in a society otherwise void of woman-haters. Simply put, that's a lot of fear and hate. Even if that aspiring leader goes away, the fear and hate-mongering that he flamed will not. It'll be there, and it could, and probably would, get worse.

It's happened before. Europe, Spain and England have had Jewish purges. America has had a Native American purge. Think about it: If the current aspirant could wipe out those he hated, would he? Even his allies would say Yes. In fact, that may be why they're his allies. So watch out. Beware of the makeup of your society, and beware of who rules that society. This book shows that was true in Vienna, and it shows it's true in America.

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Fatal Lies Frank Tallis. The Girl in the Ice Robert Bryndza. Details of the author's other books with links to reviews can be found on the Books page. About Face. Seller Inventory V The Golden Egg. In a city riven by racial tensions and extremism, the situation is potentially explosive.

Keep your eyes open. Nov 04, Tonstant Weader rated it liked it. This is the most explicit exploration of the rise of antisemitism and fascism, though of course, they are still far into the future. There's a lot of exploration of symbols and meaning and whether they can be used to mobilize people. The murders in this book are more political than in others and reach higher into the halls of power.

Lieberman himself comes under attack when he blocks a priest from offering last rites to a dying patient who is happily contemplating his next drunken adventure, not This is the most explicit exploration of the rise of antisemitism and fascism, though of course, they are still far into the future.