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So it makes sense to use chess as a measuring stick for the development of artificial intelligence. What was your role specifically on the Deep Blue team? I was the AI expert.

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Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer developed by IBM. It is known for being the first computer chess-playing system to win both a chess game and a chess. Deep Blue may refer to: Deep Blue (chess computer), a chess-playing computer developed by IBM that defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in

AI was quite different in and early The dominant part in those days was what we now called good old-fashioned AI, or symbolic AI, which was based less on machine learning. Certainly machine learning was a serious field in those days but nothing like what it is today, where we have massive data sets and large computers and very advanced algorithms to churn through the data and come up with models that can do some amazing things.

When I started with IBM, machine learning methods for game-playing programs were fairly primitive and not able to help us much in building Deep Blue. We worked on algorithms for efficient search and evaluation of the possible continuations, which we knew Deep Blue would need in order to compete. What were the most significant limitations on AI back then? So, we made do with much smaller data sets.


How useful was your own chess expertise in building Deep Blue? Not as useful as you might think.

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I was able to, in the early stages, identify problems with the system and suggest approaches that I felt would be able to fix one problem without creating a host of other problems. That was probably good enough to get us to a certain point. When we got closer to the point where we would actually be playing against a world champion we brought in grand masters— Joel Benjamin , in particular—to help us. There were two parts to how they helped.

One, in particular, was to help with the opening library, which every chess program uses in order to save time and make sure it gets into reasonable positions.

20 Years after Deep Blue: How AI Has Advanced Since Conquering Chess

Humans have been studying chess openings for centuries and developed their own favorite [moves]. The grand masters helped us choose a bunch of those to program into Deep Blue. They also were, you could say, sparring partners for Deep Blue. They would play against the computer and try and pinpoint weaknesses of the system. And then we would sit around with them and with the rest of the Deep Blue team and try to articulate what that weakness actually was and if there was a way to address it. But often there was some way we could improve its ability to deal with a problem we had identified. How did Deep Blue decide which moves to make? Deep Blue was a hybrid.

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Nine Fields of Study. AI is a new science of technology which studies and develops the theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence. Combined ASR, NLP, and big data processing technology, through deep learning, it could establish a complete speech knowledge base, and through AI algorithm and model training, we could develop an intelligent voice service technology that can identify, transform, judge and process voice digital signals. It serves the voice interaction fields such as telemarketing and intelligent customer service to improve communication efficiency and save labor costs.

Based on AI convolutional neural network, deep learning system and algorithm, the solutions in each vertical field are integrated, customized, and then integrated into the chip to drive the hardware, complete the established tasks or targets according to the specified requirements, and at the same time, upgrade the cloud computing capacity, calculate load and response speed, optimize equipment performance, experience, and reduce product cost.

Based on AI technologies such as machine vision and bio-intelligence, it could construct the safety supervision system platform and provide hardware management service solutions in the cities. Through real-time monitoring of security dynamics, security process management, abnormal situation analysis and judgment and crisis Situation warning, it could maintain urban order, production safety, and living safety. Relying on AI technology such as machine vision, hand vein recognition system and posture recognition, it integrates deeply with the education and teaching system.