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In addition to serving you in our Shoppes, we'd love to help you out with your next big event with one of our Food Trucks, which are ready, willing, and able to provide you fresh delicious doughnuts, brewed coffee and espresso right off the truck. If you're interested in how all of this deliciousness came to be, just reach out to one of our enthusiasts below for more information With over 30 years of experience in the food industry and part of the opening team for the first US Hard Rock Cafe, Craig has always been the entrepreneurial type.

When he got the idea to start a food truck, doughnuts suddenly became his calling. He researched, he practiced, he had little sleep and lots of doughnuts until his dream became a reality. His wife Kim may argue that he is just a big kid, trapped in the body of an undisclosed age year old and he makes sure to have fun every step of the way. It was the Lime Mascarpone Bismark that drew her to JD shortly after opening in , and it was the love of the bismark that prompted her to inquire about being a part of the Team!

Helene has helped to organize and manage Johnny Doughnuts accounts payable and receivable ever since. Her happy, easy going demeanor makes paying bills seem fun. As if being a Doughnut Aficionado weren't enough, Helene is also a professional classical singer who performs all over the world.

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The mastermind in the kitchen. She can whip up 1, doughnuts, bust out new recipes, lead a team to victory, and work all hours of the day with a smile on her face; she is incredible and leads by example! With her extensive history in baking, she adds flare and style to the menu.

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If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. If you haven't came up with an answer starting thinking BS stories. How to Build Instant Rapport in an Interview Small talk can have a big impact on the outcome; tips from bartenders and comedians. Toughest PE Interview Questions. The WSO investment banking This was a Goldman Sachs ' interview question for the summer analyst position in London. The MCQ Bank contain questions from various topics of Computer Fundamental such as the history of computers, computer generation, classification, computer system, hardware and software, liveware, firmware and cache memory, peripherals, computer media, networking, security and viruses, file management, ASCII and Unicode standards, IT policy, electronic act and so on.

As long as she has her apple fritter, anything is possible for Miss Vionica, a true marvel! We prefer to call our bakers Artists, because the work they do is unbelievably authentic. Always willing to go the extra mile for Johnny Doughnuts, our Doughnut Artists are the ones who create our little bites of heaven— making the dough, the jams, jellies, custards and glazes all from scratch and from the heart. Serving up Johnny Doughnuts with a smile and personality, they truly create a whole-heartedly great experience for all of our customers.

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Truck 3 Just landed: the largest vehicle in our Johnny Doughnuts fleet. Fully equipped with an espresso machine on board, she's capable of holding a bevy of beverages and a whopping 1, doughnuts! Truck 3 is the choice for the largest events, including mega corporate gatherings and huge food truck events. As in: to your home or business. You can place a one-time order or set up a weekly delivery.

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Or even just a pile of deliciousness delivered fresh to your house before the Big Game on a Sunday morning? Ask us now about providing a Doughnut Wall to your next event! To design your next event with one of our beautiful trucks or set up a delivery contact: party johnnydoughnuts. General Inquiries or Feedback connect johnnydoughnuts. Keep up to date on specials, annoucements, events, and the daily location of our truck. You're in. Menu Doughnuts. Bismarks What is a bismark you say?

Google is constantly improving and releasing new services and settings to G Suite which is an exciting world to live in but can present challenges for G Suite Admins who don't stay up to date. Join us in this session to learn about the most recent changes to the G Suite Admin Console, take a deeper dive into new features and have group discussions on their use and impact. Attendee's will get to see a live solarwinds monitoring environment and be able to see how Akron Public Schools utilizes it to monitor network, servers, and URL paths.

We've always had a data interoperability problem in education, but only recently have we begun to focus on solving it. Our district's journey toward data interoperability began a year and a half ago; and while we have made huge gains towards our goals, we know a vast amount of work remains to be completed. If your district is like ours, you have various services that need student accounts created. The problem arises when the service doesn't support any form of single sign-on and can't use your district's directory services. This session will show participants how I store student information in a MySQL database and automatically create import files for various services that we use.

I will also demonstrate the schedule file I receive from our ITC which helps create these import files.

The benefits of moving away from reimagining device and moving towards provisioning device. What does a modern management solution look like and how would it help implement a or 1:many program with low-cost Windows 10 devices. It seems like every day you hear of another district making the move to a environment. However with the rapid influx of new technology comes many additional problems. Along with the support of my Technology Director, I have found the answer to this problem at Nordonia Hills City School District; use high school students!

They are responsible for the repair and service of the over 3, active Chromebooks districtwide.

Scenario #2: You’re moving and can’t sell your house.

These students also oversee the cleanup and refurbishing of approximately devices a year that were returned as a part of our yearly refresh cycle. In addition to the students, classified staff in each building serve as a point of contact for shipping and receiving Chromebooks.

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By implementing this program, I was able to alleviate a tremendous amount of work from our technology department; which consists exactly of 2 full time employees and a 10 hour a week college intern. The district was also able to save a significant amount of money by not signing a contract with one of several businesses offering a full-service repair center. Before taking this program on, the technology department was so inundated with Chromebook repair requests, on top of their regular teacher work order requests, that devices were out of students hands in some cases for up to a month. Now students have damaged Chromebooks back in their hands within 3 days on average. Teachers and parents have been overly pleased by this huge decrease in turnaround time, as students do not need to spend precious instructional time going to the library to check out a loaner. This session will go over the step by step instructions to help share how a process like this can be adapted in any high school. The process begins when a student has a damaged device, and they see a staff member at their building who will assist them in fill out of a Google Form requesting repair.

The broken or malfunctioning device is sent via interoffice mail to me at Nordonia High School. I will then go through several more steps which I will share in my session thoroughly via a Slides presentation and images to show details. I will also allow time for questions and answers as well as any discussions that the audience sees necessary. ClassLink OneSync is a comprehensive account provisioning platform designed to streamline the synchronization between data systems, faculty, and student directories. OneSync not only automates account provisioning, but it also provides account reconciliation, enabling schools to maintain accurate reports and quickly and securely eliminate old or out of date accounts from their directory.

Join us as we discuss the features of Azure AD and how it relates to education customers. These groups can be created solely in the cloud or you can leverage existing groups that have been synced in from your on-premises Active Directory. With Azure AD Premium, you can now further reduce helpdesk calls whenever your users forget their password by giving all users in your directory the capability to reset their password using the same sign in experience they have for Office Simply enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD identities, and users will be prompted to set up additional verification the next time they sign in.

This session will take a look at many tips, tricks and proven practices for the Google Admin Console and Chromebook Management that you can implement today. This session will be hosted by Pete Palazzo, IT Director at South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools, who will present a technical deep dive on the intelligent, automated network that South Euclid-Lyndhurst Schools built to reduce the workload on the IT staff through device fingerprinting and automated provisioning of both wired and wireless networks.

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Financial Prep Simple Tips for the Next Generation [Janis R. Dickey, Gary L. Hodby, Lisa A. Corcoran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Financial Prep Simple Tips for the Next Generation by Janis R. Dickey ( ) [Janis R. Dickey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

In this session Pete will outline the challenges the district faced and walk attendees through his process of evaluating, designing, and deploying this next generation infrastructure to solve these challenges and provide a more robust experience for users. Pete will also discuss some lessons learned throughout the project, things he would have done differently, and the benefits that have been realized since this new network has been deployed.

During this session there will be technical deep dives into a number of key components of the infrastructure including: Unified Management and Visibility: Pete will discuss his ability to manage and troubleshoot the network switches and wireless from a single interface to simplify troubleshooting and reduce the amount of time required to make changes to the environment. We will also discuss the value of having valid user accounts tied to all devices and how this information is passed to the network firewall to provide more robust web filtering capabilities.

Automated Device Profiling: In this network, the switch ports automatically profile devices as they are connected to determine what type of device it is and what it should have access to. This means that things like IP cameras, IP Phones, and other IOT devices can be taken out of the box and connected to any port in the district and the port will provision automatically.

This automation has saved a significant amount of time for the SEL IT staff and simplified day to day operations. The Director of Technology, Jason Dugan, from Maumee City Schools and our lead sales engineer, Doug Demiter, will speak to productivity, manageability, reliability and safety tools a school system should look for in a new VoIP solution.