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Look forward to reading the new book. I had no friends yet but Nancy was my best companion. I faithfully taped her programs so I could watch them again. She had such grace and a peace about her. I prayed for her thru her illnesses and cried when she ended the program, and again when she died, she will be missed, but she is also remembered fondly.

I remember taking a class with Nancy in our town, probably 30 years ago. She was a great role model.

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I have learned so much from her TV and online programs. I am looking forward to reading the book.

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I appreciated how she would gently help a guest clarify a technique to help us understand better a point they were making. Mentor to millions, and we all felt we were personal friends. I started watching SWN not so much by choice but stuck in a hospital room for 2 weeks then daily once I got home.

I used to sew with my Gma, who came from WI as well. Within a few months I purchased my first sewing machine of my own and started simple and looked forward to every episode, new project books, and my new found love of sewing. I also had the privilege of getting my photo with her during the expo…… I learned a lot about just being yourself, doing my very best, and His grace is sufficient………. I Thanks Zieman family for sharing your cherished wife and mom with the rest of us……… And this…. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

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I had breast surgery about 5 years ago and then 3 days later I had a stroke. I know you all must miss Nancy as I do too. I still watch Nancy show on Saturday. She was so wonderful and share many things with us. We also have a picture we her and I have saved it.

I watched Nancy for years and years before I went to work the mid shift at a telecommunications company. I also watched her on PBS on Saturday mornings. I watched her today on PBS. I learned so much throughout the years, and she was my inspiration to actually start quilting. I always felt she was my friend when watching her on t. I watched Nancy from the very beginning. She helped me increase my skills as the years went on. I loved her teaching style and easy manner backed by a loving heart. I use her books, her favorite notions and watch her cds and still watch again on YouTube.

She has left a whole in our hearts and the sewing world, but her faith and her story will last forever. Thank you, Richard, for writing her story. I, too, have watched Nancy since the very beginning, and have had the privilege of meeting her at sewing shows. She was such a gracious lady. Thank goodness for reruns, back in the day before recording them was available to us. It really pained me to miss a Saturday morning with Nancy. Looking forward to the new book. Rest in heavenly peace, Nancy. Nancy was truly an inspiration.

We have all had so many happy hours watching her shows, reading her books and learning to be better at the craft she loved. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Quilt Expo. I was star struck actually getting to speak with her! The new book must have been hard to write but it helps with closure to finish her story. She will always be missed and her legacy will live on. I love Nancy so much she was my inspiration durant the hard time. I learn so much from her. She was a go — giver. I miss her so much and only hope that her show continue the way she was sharing, it will bring more and will change people.

Giving make us better person. Love you Janet. I think I watched Nancy from the beginning. Learned so much from her, felt like she was a friend. Mom started me sewing at 11 and Nancy picked it up. Always looked for her show wherever I moved and am deeply saddened by her passing. I learn something new every time I re-watch an episode.

Very glad for this provision. Thank you for keeping this available for us to watch! She had so much sewing left in her.

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I need this book for closure as she was taken too early from us. No one can replace her. Thank you Richard providing us with this more in-depth look at Nancy. I learned so much from watching Sewing with Nancy for 25 years. She was truly a gift from God who was gracious enough to share her knowledge. I still have a problem accepting that she is no longer here to share her knowledge and herself with others.

I felt like I knew her personally and truly miss Nancy; she will always be in my thoughts.

RIP Nancy, you were also loved by your viewing family. Nancy had the gift of teaching! She simplified the complicated.

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Her calmness during trials was a testimony to many, especially to her family. I rejoice that she is in Heaven, healthy and whole, waiting for a reunion with her loved ones.

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I don't know who would sign onto the Bad Boy label, all one would have to do is check the history. She talked about her ups and downs through out her life. But back to the book : Faith seems to be a down to earth girl, she grew up going to Church and in a strict house hold ran by the people she called her Grandparents. AAh, the persuasion of the media and rumors. She says that her life does not start and end with Biggie Small but almost all of the entire book takes place in the 2 years that she was signed to Bad Boy and hooked up with Biggie.

I have 59 episodes of Sewing with Nancy recorded and watch her every day. She taught me so much about sewing the easy way and I have passed on many of her tips to family and friends.

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She is truly missed. Having sewn since age 5, I found so much to learn from her insight and inspiration from her life. I hope her programs can continue so that many more can enjoy and learn. I was especially saddened to hear of her illness and than passing. We have lost a true Gift from the Lord and yet know that she remains in our lives forever. My prayers and condolences go out to her Family. I loved seeing Nancy teach in person and on TV. Such a gracious, funny, smart woman. In the past week or so you featured Nancy with her granddaughters.


You can see the love she showered on them. How precious they were to her. I have tears in my eyes just writing this. I always think if those of us who loved and learned from her morn her, how much harder it must be for those of you who knew her personally. And yet, her legacy continues with the re-broadcasts and blogs. What a strong woman to face adversity head on. Someone to learn from for sure. I learned so much. She felt like a best friend.

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She is the only celebrity I have ever shed tears for. Thank you for continuing to make her show available. I learned so much from her and was saddened at her passing.