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The exhibition presents works by the painter Professor Karl Oppermann from three decades of his work. A dynamic and refined color… Read more. A special guided tour on the occasion of the th anniversary of the death of Prussian Queen Luise with the director of the Schloss Rudolf… Read more. Top Event.

Political Cabaret. Always a guarantor for a successful evening: Humorous entertainment with a head in the charming theater directly at the memory church. One comes from a Prussian officer family, the other is the child of a circus acrobat and a street singer. One grows up in boarding school in… Read more.

Food for the Eyes Top Event. Food for the Eyes explores the rich history of food as a subject in photography. From basic sustenance to decadent feasts, food awakens the… Read more. With heart, mouth and hands - psalm project Religion. After the wonderful weekend with Psalm 27 two years ago, we want to let another psalm pass through our hearts, mouth and hands. Night hike in the Grunewald forest Workshop.

As darkness falls, the human and animal senses sharpen.

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Moving outlines suddenly appear and disappear again in the forest in the darkness… Read more. Public guided tour Workshop. You can choose from our range… Read more. Portland Symphonic Girlchoir Concerts. Guided Tour. The union of the XI in Berlin Art. On February 5, eleven painters in Berlin found a community "for the organization of artistic exhibitions". The "Union of the XI", the… Read more. Classical Music.

Berlin Oriental Quartett Classical Music. A quartet does not necessarily consist of two violins, viola, cello and suits. Even classical music needs an update - this is what the… Read more. Pop icon P! The meaning of reading - The Jubilee Tour!

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The year is a very special one for Commissioner Kluftinger - and for his authors Volker… Read more. Hausmann's Spring Special,… Read more. The sound world of SAFI is timeless, unconditionally alive, demanding and close.

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Abenteuer von Lutz und Knut (German Edition) [Stefanie Kreisel] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lutz und Knut sind Zwillinge und. Lutz Und Knut (German Edition) by Stefanie Kreisel. our price , Save Rs. Buy Lutz Und Knut (German Edition) online, free home delivery.

When the dainty singer with the intense aura and the… Read more. Prisons of the Imagination Art. The focus of this year's collection presentation is Giovanni Battista Piranesis famous series of 16 etchings Carceri d… Read more. The traditional association of Berlin artists in VdBK has - although it is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Berlin - no… Read more. The Bauhaus - one of the most important schools of modernism - turns Trade fair.

Conducted under the… Read more. Quiet water Art. Lakes, ponds and ponds belong to the classic motifs of landscape painting.

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Nestled in impressive mountain landscapes, melancholic pine… Read more. Elfie Semotan Photography. People used to listen to me because they liked to look at me. He does it again. Four years after his last solo The Rainald Grebe concert. Rainald Grebe back to the piano alone. What do you do during the day? Unfortunately, they have taken a wrong turn and… Read more.

go Bauhaus and Photography Top Event. To mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, this exhibition establishes a dialogue between avant-garde photography from around… Read more. The Brit with the big laugh and the exceptionally passionate voice has again put together a special program for this year's women's summer. The main scientific congress will take place over three days and include plenary sessions, keynote addresses, roundtable discussions,… Read more.

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Oleander, roses, marigolds - summer in the Schlossgarten Charlottenburg Workshop. Originally a representative garden based on the Versailles model and later transformed into an English style landscape garden, today it… Read more. Traum und Wirklichkeit - Dream and reality Guided Tour.

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Family worship service Religion. Reverend Irene Franke-Atli: We went into a new year and the door was open. Some doors in life are open, we step through and are welcome. Sunday open for business Market.