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People, Dogs and Parks Strategic Plan
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The historic structure was twice the victim of arson which destroyed the roof and much of the interior of the house.

The restored House retains its original exterior detail and trim, evoking the long history of the park, while offering a flexible, open floor plan for use as a meeting space. The new headquarters provides a respectful counterpoint to the historic structures.

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The large, open office space is nestled into the landscape to diminish the overall impact of the building on the site, while a green roof and terrace create strong connections between interior and exterior spaces. Conventional materials including wood siding and metal panel complement the use of stone and slate in the historic structures and evoke images of humble agrarian outbuildings.

Program: offices, community event space, teaching labs, reading rooms, seminar rooms, gardens and walking paths. In addition, we are excited to launch a New Off Leash Area Community Proposal Process , allowing us to work in partnership with community groups and other stakeholders to support OLA expansion at appropriate sites.

People, Place, and Region

A technical assistance workshop for organizations interested in proposing new OLAs will be held in the future. Please also visit our map of Seattle off-leash areas.

After a process of assessing our current system of OLAs, learning from the practices of other cities, and extensive public comment, we are releasing a plan that:. Seattle Parks and Recreation is excited to engage community groups and other OLA stakeholders in the process of proposing and considering additional OLAs. Community support and ongoing community stewardship is key to the success of OLAs.

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Strong community involvement will ensure that we can locate, fund, and maintain OLAs that provide a benefit for OLA users and the greater community. If you would like to help create more Off Leash Areas in Seattle, there are several ways to make your voice heard.

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We believe "Parks Unite People." Our parks are the place where we can all come together to experience the restorative power of nature; to play; to compete in. Join Our Staff. We know that our goals and vision can only be achieved.

Status of proposals already submitted. See a quick summary of the process below. A community organization wishing to propose a new OLA must first submit a preliminary application see the following pages and communicate with SPR staff to determine if the proposed site meets the threshold criteria for consideration. SPR will respond within 30 days. The proposed site must:.

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Community organizations whose proposals have passed the preliminary review are invited to submit a full formal application. SPR staff will provide technical assistance and information resources to support applicants. To demonstrate project feasibility and community support, applicants will be asked to:.

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Once an applicant completes a formal application, SPR will make it available on the web and other means for public comment. All comments received will be collated and summarized for consideration by the Review Committee. Their charge is to make a recommendation to the Park Board, based on their close review of the technical and community considerations, as to whether the proposed site is appropriate for an OLA.

Membership of the committee will include:. The review process will include a site visit and a one-meeting discussion, supported by a decision-making rubric based on clear criteria that include:. The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners will review the proposal in a public hearing and make recommendations, as is required for all changes in park use.

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If the Park Board endorses the proposal, the Superintendent will review the proposal, the public comment, and the issues and opportunities identified by the Review Committee and Park Board. He or she will make a decision on the proposal—whether to approve it, deny it, or tentatively approve pending further review or process.

It is important to note that no proposed project is guaranteed approval, and no approved project is guaranteed funding, as SPR capital resources are limited. Applicants are encouraged to consider and plan for fundraising through the Major Projects Challenge Fund, the Neighborhood Matching Fund, the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund, or in partnership with other local non-profit organizations.