Winnie and Wilbur: The Midnight Dragon (Winnie the Witch)

Winnie and Wilbur
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Winnie's Midnight Dragon is a great book. This book was written by author Valerie Thomas.

You can read the Winnie's Midnight Dragon book on our website zadockprattmuseum. It's just after midnight.

Winnie has gone to bed and is snoring peacefully when Wilbur is woken by a strange noise. He goes downstairs to investigate and, to his horror, discovers a baby dragon squeezing through his cat-flap!

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Wilbur is not impressed by the scaly visitor, especially when it starts chasing him around Winnie's house. But the baby dragon just wants to play and, in his exuberance, manages to topple a grandfather clock and knock over a suit of armour. All the clattering wakes Winnie and she's not happy about a baby dragon in her house, either.

After all, there are puffs of smoke coming out of his nose and he might start a fire. The series' title characters are a witch named Winnie and her big black cat Wilbur. The plot of a Winnie and Wilbur story is typically set in motion when Winnie confronts a problem or something that she perceives to be a problem or decides that she needs to do something to make her life easier. Winnie then tries to make things better by waving her magic wand and saying the magic word, "Abracadabra.

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The stories usually end happily with Winnie using magic again to return things to normal or make the situation better than it was before. Winnie and Wilbur books have sold 7 million copies around the world and have been translated into thirty languages. Some of the titles in the series have been specially adapted for young learners of English as a foreign language.

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Winnie has a baby dragon who just wants to play, whereas she just wants to sleep. So with mother and baby dragon reunited, Winnie and Wilbur can finally settle down for an overdue good night's sleep. So now Winnie has a baby dragon and a cat who just want to play whereas she just wants to sleep! New details will be emailed to you. Katherine Applegate. Something with big green eyes.

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